Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2014 Firecracker 5k

Nate & I weren't able to make it up to Bethany Beach this year for the 4th of July with my family, but we were well represented when my brother Drew and my Dad ran the Firecracker 5k for Team G Shock. That race holds a special place in our hearts, since it was the first race Team G Shock ever ran. While we were sad to miss it, we were glad Team G Shock could be there!

I hear it was a pretty good day for a race, and the usual crowd was there. They also had our usual cheerleaders in attendance, which is always a big help!

Here are the results:

268th place - Joe Ross - 33:59.2
276th place - Drew Ross - 34:48.5

As a sidenote, that is a new PR for Drew, and also almost 2 minutes faster than he ran the same race last year! Way to go, brudder!

They got us lots of pictures, which is very appreciated, so enjoy those! And keep an eye out for Team G Shock...you never know where we will be popping up! 

Before the race at the boardwalk!

During the race!

Dad finishing!

Drew finishing!

The runners with their favorite cheerleader!

The cheerleaders :)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is my Dad's birthday, and we are overjoyed to mark another year with the greatest Pops around! He is enjoying it the best way our family knows how, at the beach! We wanted to send wishes for a great day and another wonderful, and healthy, year! Love you, Dad! 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Event #47 - Gay 5k

A couple of weekends ago, Nate & I were excited to put our Team G Shock shirts back on, and get back out onto the course for a race! We had signed up for the Gay 5k just a couple of weeks before, basically as soon as Nate's doctor gave him the all-clear to run again!

The race was at our favorite course, Shelby Park, and it ended up being kind of cloudy, which was nice because it was a pretty warm day, so it would have been even worse without the clouds! There was a good crowd, and the race staff and supporters were great. People were along the course encouraging runners, which I always enjoy. It also was a different course at Shelby than we normally run, which was a nice change.

Here are our official results:

43rd Place - Nate Towne - 26:14
58th place - Sara Towne - 28:23

Neither of us set PR's, but those are the fastest races we've run in a while (even faster than my Endurance Class final 5k!). We were happy to be back at it, and to support a good cause!

We took some photos as always, so enjoy those! And keep an eye out for more races coming soon!!

Before the race.

After..and schweaty!

I was THIS excited for Team G Shock to be back!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Marmet 5k Fun Run Walk

Over Father's Day weekend, my brother Drew put on his Team G Shock shirt and ran the Marmet 5k Fun Run Walk in WV! He is gearing up for the Firecracker 5k with Dad over the 4th of July, so a practice run was in order! 

Since we've been out of commission for a little while, we really appreciated him taking one for Team G Shock to get out there! And because I knew about it ahead of time, I made sure he got some pictures!

Here are his results:

Drew Ross - 35:29

And of course, some photos!

Before the race with his favorite gal (and mine too!)

Ready to run!


With Debbie (his mom-in-law) after the race!

So proud of Drew for helping out Team G Shock, and as always, if you are able to donate to the cause, we appreciate it! We're on our way to $10,000, but need your help to get there! GOOOOO G SHOCK!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Next Race!

Now that Nate is back on his feet, we've got another race on the calendar! We will be running the Gay 5k next Saturday at our favorite course, Shelby Park! The race benefits OutCentral Greater Nashville's LGBT Center, and we're excited to get back to racing!

The race will be at 7:30am next Saturday, and updates will follow after that! Fingers crossed I can keep up with Nate & his new back! 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Good News!

We have gotten some GREAT news in the last couple of weeks, and we wanted to share it here, especially since it relates to Team G Shock in one way or another!

As most of you know, Nate has been having back issues for a long time now (over 2 years!), and he's just been fighting through it to continue living life and running races. Well, in April, he finally got surgery to hopefully correct the issue, and we have kept our fingers and toes crossed since then that it would work. Well, after 8 long weeks of taking it very easy, and following doctors orders, he started to feel relief. And last week, at a follow-up appointment with his surgeon, he got the ALL CLEAR! :) That means he can run, workout, and live life pain-free (finally!). He went for a run the very next morning, and has been on a few since then. We're excited that he's feeling good, and that he can get back on his feet!

On the same day, my Dad got news that he was also, ALL CLEAR! No evidence of disease, and his doctor said to keep doing whatever it is that he is doing, because everything looks great! We are overjoyed to know that the treatment is still working, even years after he finished.

Team G Shock is back up and running, and we couldn't be happier! Keep an eye out for a race announcement soon, and for updates on the race that Drew ran over Father's Day!

A shot of Nate, me & Dad from our very first race! We're back!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Since we started Team G Shock because of my Dad, we couldn't miss the chance to wish our favorite Dads a Happy Father's Day! Wish we could be with all of you, but we hope you all have a wonderful day! We love you all! 

Dad R in our favorite place! 

Dad & Mom T in Jamaica! 

My brudder Drew with my peanut! 
(Sidenote: he ran a 5k this morning, details coming soon!)

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! Hope you all have the best day!