Friday, May 28, 2010

Races, Races & More Races!

Since race #13 was rained out (boo), we've put a few more races on the calendar to keep up with our goal of getting to 20 races! This Monday (Memorial Day), we will run in the Memorial Day Dash here in Nashville. The 5k run will take us through some notable Nashville locations which should be fun! I'll be sure to post some photos & the results next week. Then, on June 12th, we'll be running the Music Fest Road Race - a 5k during CMA Fest here in Nashville. CMA Fest is a crazy weekend filled with every country music fans favorite things - concerts, meeting artists and everything country music. This is the first year that they are having a race, but it should be fun!

And then in July we are heading up to Delaware for some time at the Ross family beach house! It will be great to get some rest & relaxation in, but we figured why not try to sneak in a race especially since my Dad will be there too! We haven't quite figured out which race it will be, but it will be part of the Seven Sisters & Two Brothers of Dewey Beach Running/Walking Series. They hold races all summer in Dewey Beach (one beach down from ours) and Dad ran a few of them last Summer and said they were great. We're excited to get to join in on the fun!

So there are lots of races on the calendar for Team G Shock & we'll be signing up for even more here soon! We're still training with the ultimate goal of running the Army 10 Miler in October and each race gets us closer and closer to that goal!

Hope everyone has a very fun & safe Memorial Day weekend! GOOOO G SHOCK!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Event #13 - Girls On The Run 5k

On May 1st, we were supposed to run our 13th race, the Girls On The Run 5k, here in Nashville. But unfortunately mother nature had other plans. As I mentioned in my last post, Nashville was doused with more rain than it has ever seen in such a short time. When we went down to the race, we were all just bummed that the rain and lightening wouldn't stop and the race had to be cancelled. Little did we know what the rest of the weekend and the next few weeks would hold for our wonderful town.

So, we didn't get to run that day, but Nate & I will run other races and so will the girls that had trained for this 5k. And Nashville will rebuild and dry off. We have another race that we're looking forward to at the end of May (the Memorial Day Dash 5k) and life will move on. But if you have any extra prayers or good thoughts to send to our city - please do! The people here are tough, but everybody needs a little extra help from time to time.

I took a few pictures before the race and then a few during the weekend as well. Keep in mind, most of these are before it actually got bad.

me & nate before..its early & rainy. but we're mustering up some excitement!

waiting out the rain before the race was cancelled

booo for cancelled races :( but we had no idea what would come next

later that day, this is what we ran into when trying to get home..

the water you see is the fairgrounds down the street from our house

cars in water down the street from our house - this was still Saturday.

Sunday & its still raining. The Coke factory by our house.

the fairgrounds were turned into rapids. unreal.

a truck that was stuck at the fairgrounds

that is usually a road

more views of roads covered

water almost completely covering a car if you look closely

amazing to see lines of debris as high as the water was all over town

fences completely crushed by rushing water

cars displaced by water

an all-too common scene - peoples belongings scattered on the yard during clean-up

the water was as high as the stuff you see on the car antenna. that's an SUV.

Here's a link to some more photos from the Boston Globe:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nashville Floods

As many of you have heard, Nashville was hit HARD last week by major storms & flooding. It rained, and rained, and rained for days. It was that kind of rain that you see and say "well it can't rain like this for long". But it did. And then it did some more. Nate & I are very fortunate that we live on a hill and our house was fine, but many people were not so lucky. My office was closed all last week because downtown was without power. Countless families and businesses have lost everything. But, Nashville will rebuild. The most amazing thing was to witness the outpouring of time, hard work and love from strangers to other strangers. The only thing connecting us all is that we live in Nashville. And that is more than enough. I will write more later and post some pictures, but I just wanted to let everyone know that Nashville is going to be OK. Why? Because WE ARE NASHVILLE.