Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Event #36 - Spaten Bier Run

This past Saturday was the official Germantown Oktoberfest celebration here in Nashville. As part of the celebration every year, the Spaten Bier Run is held, and this year was no different. Nate & I have wanted to do this run before, but have always been out of town. We were excited when we learned that we'd be around to try it out this year!

The race is held in the morning before the festival really gets going, but a lot of the vendors were setting up when we got there so it was fun to see everything. There was a good crowd at the race, and we were excited to try a new course. The race had a bit of a delayed start (try 40 minutes), which wasn't great, but it happens. Once we got going, everything was great. The course took us through Germantown and then down around Bicentennial park and through (literally..THROUGH) the Farmers Market. There were a few hills, but nothing major, and other than the smell in the market house, it was great!

We ran into some friends before the race, and we got to enjoy our post-race beer with them once we were all done! The festival looked like a lot of fun, and we hope to do the race again someday!

Here are our official results:

333rd place - Nate Towne - 27:27
452nd place - Sara Towne - 29:37

I ran with my camera this time to try and get some pictures other than Nate & I in front of the car. :) Enjoy...

Before the race. Whatcha looking at Tater? 


Glad we only had to run the 5k, and not to Berlin.

Running around the Farmers Market...

...and through the Market House. 
Right before running in Lee said "hold your breath!" 

After - cheers!

Erica & Lee after the race.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Beer & Brats All Around!

Tomorrow, we will take to the streets of Nashville for our 36th race! This will be our first time running the 5k Bier Run as part of the Germantown Oktoberfest celebration! We're excited for the run and to enjoy some of the festival afterwards (beer + brats, what's not to like?!). Check back soon for results & photos! Happy weekend everyone!

Maybe we should break out some lederhosen.