Friday, August 19, 2011

Event #26 - East Nashville Tomato 5k

In the last 26 months we have run 26 races for Team G Shock. That is incredible to me. And we ran them all with the same cause in mind, The Prostate Cancer Foundation. The race last weekend was no different.

There were about 1100 runners (an amazing crowd), and lots of spectators along the course. We were even lucky enough to have some of our Crossfit CFT coaches & fellow athletes come out to cheer us on! It was nice to see some friendly faces along the course, especially in the middle of some of those hills.

With all of our additional training, we improved on our times from last year, which is exciting. Here are the official results:

386th place - Nate Towne - 29:24
491st place - Sara Towne - 31:13

Before the start, we noticed a masked man with a jogging stroller rigged with 2 video cameras among the runners. At one point during the race, we heard someone from behind ask "Is anyone running for charity?". My immediate reaction was to raise my hand, and here came the guy with the cameras. He handed me the stroller and asked me to talk about our charity. I was happy to spread the word of Team G Shock, even if I was halfway through a pretty tough 5k. I was able to find the video to share with you all! Check it out.

And as always, we snapped a few pictures along the way as well.


After. We did it!

Our Crossfit CFT supporters!
Nate, Derrick, Jeremy, Polo, Carissa, Me & the pups.

The Tomato Festival in full effect!

Now its time to prepare for the upcoming Warrior Dash that we'll face in September! It should be a good challenge for Team G Shock!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Last One's a Rotten Tomato - PART 2

That's right, we're heading to East Nashville again this year for the East Nashville Tomato 5k! We took on this race last year, and are happy to make it race #26 for Team G Shock this go-around.

The race is bright & early at 7:30am this Saturday! We're excited to see how we do, and are hoping to have some of our Crossfit CFT coaches and athletes there to cheer us on (hint, hint people). :)

Don't forget to send good thoughts our way come Saturday morning! GOOOO G SHOCK!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Event #25 - Rusty Rudder 5k

Ok, let me first apologize for the lack of updates lately. I'm telling you, having a puppy takes up more time than I ever imagined. Its totally worth it (who can resist those sweet puppy dog eyes), but it gets in the way of some other stuff. But enough of that.

About a month ago, we were up at the beach with the whole Ross family for some fun in the sun. As we've done the last few years, we found a race in the Seven Sisters & Two Brothers race series. The race was on the morning of the 4th of July. Mom & Dad had to leave early that morning to catch the ferry up to New Jersey for a wedding so they weren't there for the race, but the rest of the family was and came to cheer us on.

Nate is getting faster every race, and I'm trying my best to keep up! :) Here are our official times:

417th place - Nate Towne - 28:56
485th place - Sara Towne - 30:38

We're still working to get faster, but we're definitely getting there. 785 runners finished the race, and we all ended the morning with some food & drinks at the Rusty Rudder (a favorite Dewey Beach hangout for my friends & I).

Thanks to the family for coming out to cheer us on and for taking some photos for Team G Shock!

Early morning before picture - at the beach house

Here comes Nate!

And not TOO far behind, there I am!

After the race!

Two of our cheerleaders playing in the bay! :)

What's not to like about these races? The beach AND beer? Ok!

Another one of our "fans" showing off the sweet shirts.

Uncle Geoff & Lily playing in the bay - we were so lucky to have the family there!

One more shot in front of the bay...