Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Event #17 - Blevins East Nashville Tomato 5k

This past Saturday was the East Nashville Tomato Festival. As part of the festival they held a 5k early on Saturday morning that we ran as our 17th race! We were up bright & early and made our way to the race course on the other side of town. There were a lot of runners (over 800 finished the race) and as it has been for most of the Summer here in Tennessee..it was HOT.

The race started after the National Anthem was played and weaved through some of the neighborhoods of East Nashville. We've driven around there some, but you never really notice how hilly a road is until you run on it. There were a lot of hills - once you got done with one, there was another right in front of you. But, we did it and had some fun along the way! There were costumes and lots of people and everyone was in pretty good spirits!

It was by no means our fastest race, but its another race on our way to 20! Here are the official results:

475th place - Sara Ross - 33:45
476th place - Nate Towne - 33:45

We took some photos before & after and a few of the Tomato Festival. The day kept getting hotter but it was fun to hang out and look at some of the goodies the vendors had on hand!

Nate & me before the race

After race #17th!

The crowd at the Tomato Festival!

Thaaat's right..

The band that led the parade to kick-off the festival!

Nate loooove 'maters!

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