Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Couple That Races Together, Stays Together...

This Valentine's Day weekend, Nate & I will be running our 46th race for Team G Shock. We never thought we would run that many races, but are so excited to keep it going!

We signed up for the Softball Sweetheart 5k, which will be our first race in Hendersonville since we moved up there last Spring! The race will benefit the Hendersonville High School softball team, along with the Special Olympics. We're excited to run a race close to home, and to celebrate Valentine's Day in a fun way!

There's an award for fastest overall couple, so we'll have to see how we do for that. It's been a while, but you never know!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Event #45 - Commitment Day 5k

We started 2014 off the best way possible...with a race! While we were away for the holidays, Nate got an email from our friend Eric. He was helping to plan the Commitment Day 5k, and asked us if we wanted to run. We didn't have any plans to party the night away on New Years Eve, and the race didn't start until 10am, so we signed up! 

We spent New Years Eve at a friends house, and celebrated East Coast midnight and then headed home to countdown with our pup (that's normal, right?). 

A peek into our crazy New Years Eve. 

On New Years Day we woke up and headed into town for the race. It was chilly, but luckily not as cold as it has been lately! Our friends Barrett and Christal and their son Clay were running too so we were excited to see them when we got there. The race is run all over the United States and supports committing to a healthy lifestyle in the new year. It is not a timed race so we decided to take it easy. 

The race took place on Vanderbilt's campus which was a nice (mostly flat) course. We ran with Barrett, Christal and Clay which was fun (and props to Barrett and Christal for pushing the stroller). 

Here are our unofficial results:
Nate Towne - 32:20 (ish)
Sara Towne - 32:20 (ish)

We had a great time and will definitely run this race again. We snapped some photos along the way, as usual, so enjoy those. :) 

Before the race. 

Ready for a happy 2014! 

The Sellers fam & us after! 

Happy 2014!

We love a good race mascot! 

We are looking into some upcoming races and will update those plans here soon! Hope everyone's year is off to a great start!