Thursday, August 27, 2009

Updates Updates Updates!

I just wanted to write a quick update on Team G Shock. First off, in response to my last post, I've been to the gym the last two days, and I feel great! We ran on Tuesday and then I went to the gym yesterday and today. And we are planning on running again tomorrow morning. I am mainly excited because of how much it will help me improve my running. The running has clearly helped how I feel when I'm at the gym, so I'm hoping it will go both ways!

In other news...we have almost reached $1000 in our fundraising efforts!! That is AMAZING! I want to thank each and every one of you who have donated - it means the world to me! Plus, it provides some extra inspiration when we're out there running. So thank you a thousand times over! 

Our next event is next Saturday (Sept 5th) at Centennial Park here in Nashville! Its the Great Prostate Cancer Challenge and for all of you Nashville folks, we'd love it if you could join us! Check out the website if you would like to register

And one final is the incredible Donna Ross' 60th birthday!!!! :) So, I'd like to wish a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best Mom in the whole world! And if you happen to see the same! Love you, Mom!!

mom & i at the beach last year during a tropical storm :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And we're baaaaack...

..ok well we've been here. But I am very happy to announce that I will be making my big return to the gym! :) Ok, so its not that exciting to everyone else, but I'm excited. Last October, Nate joined a gym at his work and a few girls from my work & I joined the YMCA so we could go at lunch time. We were dedicated - at least 3 days a week pretty much from October through March or April. And then we took a little break, and then we found out that my dad had cancer. And that inspired us to start this running campaign that we like to call Team G Shock! 

Needless to say, the gym has definitely taken a back seat. And it hasn't helped (but it is not an excuse) that every week we were somewhere different for a wedding or something - life kind of took over. So when Nate & I went for our run this morning (thank you to Mother Nature for what felt like 0% humidity and 70 degrees..ahhh), I decided that its time to add the gym back into the mix. So on our non-running days, and maybe even sometimes on those days, I'm going to get back into the habit of going to the gym. It really helps to break up the day, plus it will help with strength training and I can only imagine it will improve my running! So wish me luck...and I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes! 

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Drumroll please...

...we've chosen our next event! It's the 3rd Annual Great Prostate Cancer Challenge taking place in 7 cities around the United States. Lucky for us, one of those cities happens to be Nashville! The 5k race will take place in Centennial Park at 7:30am on September 5th. So any of you Nashville folk that happen to be around, come join us! And if you're in one of the other cities, sign up and give it a go to help us find a cure for prostate cancer! Since September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, the races will take place throughout the month. For more information (and to see if there is a race near you), check out the website

Hope to see some of you out there with us! 


Monday, August 17, 2009

Event #2 - Howl At The Moon 5k

Well, we did it! Our 2nd event, the Howl At The Moon 5k, was this past Friday night in the City of La Vergne, TN. It was much different than our first race - this was in Tennessee in August (ick), not at sea-level, and my dad wasn't with us physically. But he was definitely there in spirit! 

The race started around 8PM (there was a little delay) and over 200 runners headed out of the park. The sun had gone down, so it was pretty dark at first. The main part of the race took part along Murfreesboro Road in La Vergne which had a bit more light, and cars were lined up along the way since parts of the roads were closed for the race. Nate & I ran together the entire time and finished together once again! We were a little slower than the last race, but we did keep a steady pace the entire time and didn't get passed once along the course! And as soon as we could see the finish line, we went into a full-on sprint to the end. Our "official" (all I could find online) times were...

Nate Towne - 34:05
Sara Ross - 34:05

We took a few pictures, and most of them are post-race so don't mind all of the sweat! :) 

pre-race. there was a bit of a mix-up so our numbers didn't match. oops!

post-race & schweaty!

race #2 for Team G Shock in the books!!

my nifty athletes for a cure gear :) thanks A4AC!

and of hoooooooooowling at the moon!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


..makes perfect, or maybe just better. Since starting Team G Shock (almost 2 months ago), Nate & I have been running. While we don't run every day, and some weeks are harder with traveling and whatnot, we've stuck to it, and I have been so proud of us! We definitely are not running long distances (yet!), but we're running, and that's what counts! We've stuck to the greenway by my house because its a nice run, and we know how far we go when we're on it. As many times as we run it, I'm convinced that the hill at the end will NEVER be easy, but we do it anyways. And I still feel just as good as I did the first time we did it whenever we finish. 

I never really got into running when I was younger, but now I'm starting to understand why people might. Its a great workout, an amazing feeling of accomplishment, and its kind of fun (who would've thought?!). Plus, it has been kind of therapeutic. I've been amazing at the things that run though my mind when we're on the path. It helps me clear my head for the day and is a constant reminder of why we are doing this. We're doing this because when I'm out running, my dad is getting radiation treatment. And while I'm fighting to get through that last hill, my dad is fighting to kick cancer's butt and send it on its way. 

So thanks again for all of the support and happy thoughts along the way! Race #2 is this Friday at 8PM (night race..yaaaay) in LaVergne, TN. Wish us luck! Go TEAM G SHOCK!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Showing Up Team G Shock

That's right ladies & gentlemen, my dad ran ANOTHER 5k this past weekend! We have our 2nd race next weekend (the City of La Vergne Howl At The Moon 5k), and he has run 3 since our first. Yikes! This time it was the 7th Venus on the Half Shell 5k in Dewey Beach. And here are his results..

292nd place - Joe Ross - 30:49 

Not too shabby if you ask me! Especially since he ran it the Saturday before he started radiation. That's amazing! And speaking of started his 8 weeks this past Monday, August 3rd. I talked to him that night and he said it wasn't too bad, so that's good. Keep those prayers comin' and those fingers crossed that his treatment continues to go well! And if you're in Nashville, come out next Friday (Aug 14th) for the Howl At The Moon 5k and cheer on Team G Shock!! 

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Who Do You Race For?

Athletes For A Cure was having a contest..simple rules..make a video telling them "Who Do You Race For?" Well, simple until you're out of town every weekend and in between all you do is laundry and packing for the next weekend, and then all of the sudden it's the end of July! Ahh. This past weekend, Nate & I headed up to Fargo, ND (by way of Minneapolis) for his Grandma Pearl's 85th birthday. And on the way, we decided to make our video! We bumped into a few technical difficulties and were a bit late on the contest deadline, but we still finished it! So without further ado, here it is...