Tuesday, August 11, 2009


..makes perfect, or maybe just better. Since starting Team G Shock (almost 2 months ago), Nate & I have been running. While we don't run every day, and some weeks are harder with traveling and whatnot, we've stuck to it, and I have been so proud of us! We definitely are not running long distances (yet!), but we're running, and that's what counts! We've stuck to the greenway by my house because its a nice run, and we know how far we go when we're on it. As many times as we run it, I'm convinced that the hill at the end will NEVER be easy, but we do it anyways. And I still feel just as good as I did the first time we did it whenever we finish. 

I never really got into running when I was younger, but now I'm starting to understand why people might. Its a great workout, an amazing feeling of accomplishment, and its kind of fun (who would've thought?!). Plus, it has been kind of therapeutic. I've been amazing at the things that run though my mind when we're on the path. It helps me clear my head for the day and is a constant reminder of why we are doing this. We're doing this because when I'm out running, my dad is getting radiation treatment. And while I'm fighting to get through that last hill, my dad is fighting to kick cancer's butt and send it on its way. 

So thanks again for all of the support and happy thoughts along the way! Race #2 is this Friday at 8PM (night race..yaaaay) in LaVergne, TN. Wish us luck! Go TEAM G SHOCK!!!

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