Monday, October 31, 2011

Something big.. coming to Team G Shock! Keep an eye out for a big announcement tomorrow!

Pumpkins In The Park & a first 5k!

Two years ago, we ran the Pumpkins In The Park 5k in Charleston, WV when we were in town for my niece Lily's 1st birthday. Nate, me, my Dad and my oldest brother Geoff ran the race. Not to be outdone, my brother Drew decided recently to take up running. And a couple of weeks ago, he ran the same race for his first race ever! He ran with Melinda, who is one of Jenny's (my sister-in-law) relatives - it was her first race, too!

We're really proud of Drew for taking up running on his own, and for signing up for a race so quickly after he started. He did an amazing job, especially for his first race, and we're so proud to put the results and some photos up on the blog!

Here are his official results:

69th place - Melinda Snodgrass - 33:55:83
77th place - Drew Ross - 37:18:68

Drew & Melinda before the race

Drew & Melinda during the race

Big finish!

After the race - they did it!

Drew & his favorite cheerleader, Lily!

We are so proud of Drew and can not wait to run a race with him! Way to go big brudder!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Event #28 - Warrior Dash

The Warrior Dash was unlike any race we have run before. The course was marked as "3.15ish hellish miles" and that's exactly what it was. The race took place in Manchester, TN with almost 11,000 runners, some in hilarious costumes.

We were joined by David & Dominic who have run with Team G Shock before, and a bunch of our Crossfit CFT friends came out for the race as well! The obstacles were fun and challenging ranging from 20 ft walls with a rope to climb up to a junkyard full of cars you had to run over. The racing between the obstacles was off-road and the race ended with leaping over 2 rows of fire and crawling through a mud pit. Again, unlike any other race we've been a part of, but an amazing time.

Here are the official results:

1343rd place - David Wright - 36:16:10
2936th place - Dominic Parente - 41:16:60
4769th place - Nate Towne - 46:40:00
4772nd place - Sara Towne - 46:40:10

And even with the mud, we managed to keep the camera with us for most of the race to get a few photos!

The pile of dirty shoes when we got there - they will clean and donate
your shoes if you leave them

Warriors! (obviously before)

The giant Warrior helmet - soon to be covered in muddy body prints

Me, Nate, David & Dominic before

Me & Nate before...

...annnnnnd after!

We left our prints on the giant helmet

Team G Shock & Crossfit CFT at the Warrior Dash!

As clean as we were going to get for the moment

The pile of shoes when we left!

We survived the Warrior Dash!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Another day at the beach...

...typically means another race for Dad! On the same day that Nate & I took to the park for our 27th race, Dad ran another of the Seven Sisters & Two Brothers races. Mom & Dad headed to Dewey Beach early that morning for the Bottle & Cork 5k, which Dad actually ran last year as well!

Most of the races in the series run along the same (or similar) course. You run through some of the neighboring streets and usually the residents will come outside and cheer on the runners. During this race, while Dad was running in his Team G Shock shirt, a neighbor yelled out "Where's the rest of Team G Shock?" to which he replied "Running in Nashville!". It's nice to know that people notice Team G Shock along the way!

Here are Dad's official results:

166th place - Joe Ross - 36:20

Mom took some pictures for us to share, so take a look! And keep an eye out for our Warrior Dash results, coming soon!

Before the race at the Bottle & Cork!


Finishing strong - and checking his G Shock watch!

Sale = Summer is over :(