Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Virtual Walk + Forever Family Day

On October 24th, Nate and I, along with a lot of our friends all over the country, will be participating in the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Remembrance Walk. An actual event was held last weekend in Colorado, but luckily for us, they are holding a virtual walk at the end of the month for those of us in other places.

This cause is special to our heart, as NILMDTS has supported some dear friends of ours in what is certainly the hardest time of their lives. They lost their little boy last year, and NILMDTS provided photographs of their family together, a gift that they will cherish forever. Along with that, the support and comfort they have received from the organization and other families has helped them immensely.

Because of our connection to the cause & organization, some friends of ours put together a team for the Virtual Walk. The team is named "Friends of Henry B. Custis" and we're all going to go out on October 24th and trek it in Henry's name. If you'd like to support our team, and the cause, follow this link. Or, if you'd rather, just go out and walk a 5k in Henry's name that day!

In addition to the walk, our friends have come up with a wonderful way to celebrate their sweet boy. They have officially declared October 11th "Forever Family Day", and in doing so have made a holiday that we can all enjoy and spend doing things to celebrate them and their family. Per their own thought - spend the day with those closest to you. Sit down and have a family dinner together, go to the park as a family, be silly and take family photos together, if its warm have a water balloon fight in the backyard, or sit on the front porch and read a story together. Just do something together as a family.

I hope you'll join us in walking on October 24th, and I especially hope you can enjoy Forever Family Day and help celebrate Henry & his family.