Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Endurance for the Win!

As I mentioned last week, I had recently signed up for an Endurance class at Crossfit Hendersonville. While Nate was recovering from surgery, I figured it couldn't hurt to step up my running game a little. That way, when he's back at it, I just MIGHT be able to keep up with him.

It was a 6-week course, with 2 classes every week. On the first Saturday class, we ran a 5k to get a good gauge of where everyone was at. And after 5 more weeks of working on our form and speed, we ran it again this past Saturday! The first time, I ran it in 31:14. I knew I could run faster with some training, but wasn't sure how much in 5 weeks time. Well, on Saturday, I ran it in 28:52! Again, not the fastest I've ever run, but I'll take an almost 2 1/2 minute improvement in that amount of time. Everyone in the class improved by at least 2 minutes, and some even by as much as 4 minutes! It was a great class, and I'm looking forward to taking it again sometime! We even got some awesome t-shirts for "graduation".

Other than that, we're just hoping Nate gets recovered soon, and looking for a new car for me! We got rear-ended a couple of weeks ago, and Rhonda the Honda has had her last ride. Its hard to tell in this picture, but the backside is totally smashed. We had to go pick everything up and say goodbye this weekend. As you can tell...I was sad. 

RIP Rhonda

We'll keep looking for some new adventures for Team G Shock here coming up, and will post about those as soon as we find them! 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to our mamas and all of the other moms out there! Hope everyone has a great, and relaxing day!

Me & Mom R at our favorite place - the beach!

Mom T and our favorite crew member in Jamaica!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Where Have We Been?

Team G Shock has been a little MIA lately, and for that, we apologize! We did so much training for the Army Ten Miler last year, that we took a little break, and have only run a few races since then. But I promise you, we have not forgotten our goals for Team G Shock, or what it will take to get us there!

Since our last race in February, we have been keeping pretty busy. Along with the normal life and work stuff, we threw in a couple of extra things to keep it interesting. Nate had surgery on his back in April to hopefully fix what has been a long-term issue. He hurt his back over 2 years ago, and has been in pain pretty much all of the time since then. All along, he's been a trooper to keep running races with me (he only missed one!) and we're hoping this will help him live a pain-free life!

While he's been recovering, I started an Endurance class at Crossfit Hendersonville to try and improve my running a bit, and I'm excited to see how its working! We ran a 5k the first week, and I ran it in 31:14. Admittedly, not my fastest. We are running another one this weekend for the last week of class, so I'll be sure to update on how I was able to improve my time!

In addition to all of that, Nate celebrated the big 3-0 just a couple of weeks ago! As a lover of birthdays (mine and anyone else's), I had a few surprises planned to help him ring it in! He got a piano for his birthday present, which has already been put to good use, and then his whole family and best friend flew in on Friday to spend the weekend with him. To top all of that off, we threw him a surprise party at the house. It was a very fun weekend, and I know he appreciated everyone that was able to celebrate with him!

The piano ready for the big reveal!

The moment he finally realized it was there!

Happy 30th cake!


Why not?

The most adorable cookie favors ever! 
Made by the insanely talented The Sweet Elements!

Since then we've been trying to relax, let Nate recover, and get back to normal life (without me having to keep a million secrets from Nate!). We'll be looking for some races coming up soon that either we both, or just I, can run! As always...GOOOOOO G SHOCK!