Monday, August 17, 2009

Event #2 - Howl At The Moon 5k

Well, we did it! Our 2nd event, the Howl At The Moon 5k, was this past Friday night in the City of La Vergne, TN. It was much different than our first race - this was in Tennessee in August (ick), not at sea-level, and my dad wasn't with us physically. But he was definitely there in spirit! 

The race started around 8PM (there was a little delay) and over 200 runners headed out of the park. The sun had gone down, so it was pretty dark at first. The main part of the race took part along Murfreesboro Road in La Vergne which had a bit more light, and cars were lined up along the way since parts of the roads were closed for the race. Nate & I ran together the entire time and finished together once again! We were a little slower than the last race, but we did keep a steady pace the entire time and didn't get passed once along the course! And as soon as we could see the finish line, we went into a full-on sprint to the end. Our "official" (all I could find online) times were...

Nate Towne - 34:05
Sara Ross - 34:05

We took a few pictures, and most of them are post-race so don't mind all of the sweat! :) 

pre-race. there was a bit of a mix-up so our numbers didn't match. oops!

post-race & schweaty!

race #2 for Team G Shock in the books!!

my nifty athletes for a cure gear :) thanks A4AC!

and of hoooooooooowling at the moon!

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