Thursday, August 12, 2010

Last One's a Rotten Tomato!

That's right, we're running the Blevins East Nashville Tomato 5k this weekend as part of the Tomato Arts Festival. It will be our 17th race in the short 13 1/2 months that this little project of ours has existed! I've said it before, but that is crazy to me and blows my mind! We are quickly approaching our revised goal of 20 races, and are thinking that our goal may need to be revised yet again. We're having too much fun to stop anytime soon, so stay tuned for that.

And we are very much looking forward to our 18th race coming up in September. As I mentioned in our last post we will be running the Great Prostate Cancer Challenge here in Nashville. The money raised from the race will go to fund research and eduction to help find a cure for Prostate Cancer - the goal of Team G Shock! We're trying to recruit as many friends as we can to run with us to help the cause. So far we have about 5 friends that are in - lets see if we can make it 10! And if you're not in Nashville, there are 13 other cities that participate so check it out and see if you can run a race wherever you may be!

As always...GOOOO G SHOCK!

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