Friday, November 6, 2009

Event #6 - I Run For The Party 5k

A belated HAPPY HALLOWEEN to everyone! To celebrate, Team G Shock took to the streets for our 6th race. This time around it was the I Run For The Party 5k here in Nashville. I Run For The Party is a great organization that raises money for amazing causes through races and events.

The race was at 5:00PM on Saturday (Halloween) which brought out all kinds of fun costumes. Since we weren't so sure how well we could run in full-on costumes, we decided to go as the "TEAM G SHOCK ALL-STARS." :) And, we were lucky enough to have our good friends Jordan & Dave join us for this race (see pictures below for their costumes!). The race started on Demonbreun Street (try to pronounce that one if you're not from Nashville) and headed up to the round-a-bout and then up and back on Music Row. As many times as I've driven up Music Row, I've never noticed how hilly it is. It's amazing to run on a road that you drive on pretty often - definitely gives you a different perspective. I had a harder time with the hills than I thought I would, but as always, Nate was a great encourager all the way until the end! We crossed the finish line together and then were able to cheer on Jordan & Dave who finished just behind us! Here are the official results:

196th place - Nate Towne - 32:25
199th place - Sara Ross - 32:26
236th place - Dave Vaughn - 34:01
237th place - Jordan Moore - 34:02

After the race there was a big block party with food and drinks for everyone. We stayed for a bit, but once the sun went down it started to cool down a lot so we headed home to get warm. I want to thank Jordan & Dave for joining us for this race - it has really meant a lot to me that so many of my friends have come out to support us! And of course, I made them take a few photos, so enjoy!

Team G Shock All-Stars before the race!

This was supposed to be our "tough" face. I just look funny.

Dave & Jordan (aka H1N1) after the race!

Dave, Jordan, Nate & me after the race!

enjoying some of the festivities!

costumes, costumes, costumes..

one more for the road...

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