Thursday, July 15, 2010

Event #15 - Jimmy's Grill 5k

This year's 4th of July was extra special - we were at the beach house, my whole family was there, and we got to run our 15th race with my Dad & one of my brothers! We all woke up extra early and headed down to Dewey Beach (the next beach town over) for the race. Pre-registration for the race was around 300 people - on the morning of the race, over 400 more people showed up to register for the race! Almost 700 people finished the race that day - the most ever for one of the Seven Sisters & Two Brothers Road Races. It was a neat course, and bonus for us, as flat as can be.

The race started at 8:00AM with Pirate Pete (that's right) shooting off a cannon. Dad, Nate & myself stayed together for most of the race, while Geoff took off ahead of us. We did see him on his way back before we got to the turnaround and were able to give a "TEAM G SHOCK" cheer. The course ran through one of the neighborhoods and a lot of the neighbors were out to watch and cheer on the runners. A few of them even had sprinklers & hoses pointed right at the runners which gave a nice break from the heat!

Once we crossed the finish line (and Geoff, thankfully, was waiting with water in hand for us), everyone crowded into Jimmy's Grill for some after-race snacks. And since its the beach, and the races are all pretty much sponsored by bars, it wouldn't be a post-race party without a beer.

Here are our results:

217th place - Geoff Ross - 25:12
470th place - Nate Towne - 31:52
471st place - Sara Ross - 31:52
500th place - Joseph Ross - 32:38

Of course we took some pictures (thanks for sending them, Dad!). And as always, GOOOO GO SHOCK!

Geoff, Dad, me & Nate before the race. It was kind of sunny ;)

Nate & me before

Dad was a runner/photog that day..

After the race with our beers, thanks to Jimmy's Grill!
(ps - still verrrry sunny)

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