Thursday, October 7, 2010

Event #19 - Shelby Bottoms Boogie 5k

What a weekend!! It was officially our 19th race - the Shelby Bottoms Boogie 5k. We have run 2 other races on this same course, and it is a course that we love. Both times before we set a PR and this time was NO DIFFERENT!! I could not be more excited about how we did at this race. All of our hard work and training lately has really paid off. We felt great the whole way through, and as soon as we finished I looked at Nate and said 'Did we do it?' - and we did. We both finished UNDER 30:00!!! :) Nate had been able to accomplish that one time before (also on this course), but I never had. And breaking 30:00 has been a goal of ours from the start. So needless to say we were pretty excited!

Here are our official results:
80th place - Nate Towne - 29:37
81st place - Sara Ross - 29:37

And some photos to commemorate the race!

Before - first "chilly" race morning in a while.


How excited was I to break 30:00? Pretty excited :)

"Unofficial" time on the G-Shock

Official time as the results came in!

It was such a great feeling to accomplish something that we've been working on for so long! And this really gave a boost in our training for the Army Ten Miler. We went back to Shelby Bottoms the next day and ran 8 miles - the longest we have ever run! So all in all, it was a great weekend for Team G Shock and we're looking forward to what is coming up next! Only 2 more weeks until the big race! GOOO G SHOCK!


  1. is that an official homecoming party t shirt i spy? I still have mine too!!

  2. I love that from that little sliver of the picture you could tell that. Yes, that is exactly what it is! :) I love it!