Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Turkey Turkey!

Its hard to believe, but its already time for Thanksgiving. This year has seriously flown by. We are heading out today to visit Nate's family for the holiday. I'm excited for my first Thanksgiving in Minnesota...even if its going to be veeeeery cold. We will get to spend lots of time with Nate's family (and my soon-to-be family) and are really looking forward to it.

We are also squeezing in a race while we are up there. We will be running the Turkey Day 5k very early tomorrow morning. Be sure to send us lots of (very warm) wishes as it will be a chilly day! And while we're running that race, Dad and my brother Geoff will be running the Virginia Run Turkey Trot. Its the same race we ran last year on Thanksgiving, so it should be fun to hear how they do!

Hope everyone has very safe travels wherever they are going, and also has a wonderful holiday with family & friends!


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