Saturday, December 3, 2011

Trotting With The Turkeys!

Last year, Nate & I ran a Thanksgiving race when we were visiting his family in Minnesota. It was fun, minus the fact that it was 7 degrees during the race. Well, that was kind of fun, but not something we wanted to do again. So this year, when we were headed back up to Minnesota we skipped the Turkey Trot for fear of freezing our faces off (literally). Of course, little did we know it would be 50 degrees in Minneapolis this year, but that's just how life goes I suppose.

Luckily, we had family members running different Turkey Day races in both Virginia and West Virginia to pick up our slack. First, my Dad and my brother Geoff ran the Virginia Run Turkey Trot in Northern Virginia. Nate, myself and Dad ran this race back in 2009 with some family friends for our 7th race - its a great course. Geoff & Dad had a good race and ran together for the first 2 miles of the course. Over 4,000 people ran the race so it was a good crowd for sure! Here are the results (and some photos - thanks Mom!) from their race:

2077th place - Geoff Ross - 31:58
2880th place - Joe Ross - 36:22

Dad & Geoff before the race.

Where's Dad? Can you spot him crossing the finish line?

 After the race & ready for some Turkey!

And not to be outdone, my other brother Drew ran his second race ever on Thanksgiving! If you remember, he just started running and ran his first race in October so we're really proud of him for keeping up with it! Once again, Drew ran with Melinda and some other relatives joined them this time to get their Turkey Day started off right. They ran the Union Mission Drumstick Dash 5k in Charleston, WV and had a great time. Spoiler alert - Drew has already improved on his time from the last race which was only a month or so before this race!

Here's how everyone did:

89th place - Taylor Weaver - 30:34
106th place - Tracey Weaver - 33:14
119th place - Melinda Snodgrass - 35:22
128th place - Drew Ross - 36:51

Drew, Tracey, Taylor & Melinda at the race

Kim & Drew. 
Kim is a friend of Drew's who ran with her office. They brought 
the most canned goods at the whole race and won an award for their donation!

We're so proud of our family for helping us keep Team G Shock running (literally) even from far away!

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