Thursday, December 12, 2013

Event #44 - Breathe Deep Stache & Lash 5k

A few weeks ago we ran the Breathe Deep Stache & Lash 5k as part of Team MLG. We were so excited to be able to support our friend Ryan and a cause that is so close to his heart. We even adjusted our Team G Shock shirts the night before to make sure everyone knew who we were running with and for!

It was a chilly morning, but the race was at Shelby Park, which is one of our favorite courses to run. They set the course up in the opposite direction that we normally run which was a nice change. We ran for Ryan's team, Team MLG, and our friend Jonathan ran with us as well. Ryan was one of the organizers of the race, so it was nice to hear him share some of his story before the start. The name of the race included 'Stache' and 'Lash' and lots of people were sporting fake mustaches and giant eye lashes during the race. Nate and Jonathan took it a step further and shaved their beards into real 'staches the night before the race. :) 

Johnny and Nate before

Nate and I were excited to run again so soon after the Army Ten Miler. We were hoping that our training for that race would pay off for this one, and it turns out it did! We both set PR's, which at least I haven't done in looooong time. Nate almost took a minute off of his, and I took a little over a minute off mine! And, something else happened that has NEVER happened (for me)... I got 3rd place overall for females! It's such a rare occurrence that we didn't even stay for the awards! :) Luckily Ryan was able to get my prize for me! 

Here are our official Team MLG results:
13th place - Nate Towne - 25:09
16th place - Sara Towne - 26:38 (3rd place overall females!)
26th place - Ryan Gardenhire - 28:15
27th place - Jonathan Insogna - 28:32

And as always, here are some photos! 

Nate, his 'Stache and I before

...almost time...

Here come Johnny & Ryan! 

Team MLG with our 'staches after the race

Proud to be on Team MLG!

Nate & I after

Happy 'staches

Serious 'staches

We were really excited to be able to support Ryan, and his cause, and are looking forward to our next Team G Shock race (coming soon!). 

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  1. Sara, that's such a great time! Congrats, guys!