Monday, March 24, 2014

Event #46 - Softball Sweethearts 5k

It has been a long time since we updated the blog, and we are way overdue for an update on our last race. In our defense, we left the country for a week not long after that race, so we fell a little behind in life for a bit. But, I'd say it was worth it.

This was real life. No filters. Amazing. 

But back to the race. On February 15th, Nate and I got up bright and early to make our way to the Hendersonville HS Softball Sweethearts 5k. It was a FREEZING morning, and it even snowed during the race! The race was put on by the HHS Softball team to benefit The Special Olympics, so there were a lot of girls from the team and their families at the race. The race started and finished at the high school and luckily we could huddle inside until the start. 

Once we got going, we learned something new about that area of Hendersonville - it's hilly! Between the cold, the hills, and our lack of training it was not our best race overall, but we had fun! Here are our official times:

Nate Towne - 9th place - 31:30
Sara Towne - 10th place - 31:49

We both finished 1st in our age group, and because it was Valentine's Day weekend, they had a few extra categories for prizes, one of which was Fastest Couple. While we were probably one of the only couples there, we'll take it! :) And our prize was definitely unexpected! 

Just what every couple needs!

Everyone at the race was so nice, and we were really happy to be able to support one of the local schools. And, we even made it into the local paper

The Hendersonville Standard

Some in-action photos! :)

We're keeping our eye out for some more races in the area, and hope to run another one soon! In the meantime, here are some other photos from race day!

Before the race....brrr!!

The ladies got roses at the finish line! 
Also, please notice the number of layers I'm wearing - it was COLD.

After! Thanks HHS Commandos for a great race!

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