Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

As we near Father's Day, we wanted to take a quick second to wish the Dad's in our lives a very Happy Day! :) We started this team to help the cause when my Dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, and we've loved everything we've been able to do with it. But we've especially loved how our friends and families have gotten involved and helped us along the way! We couldn't have done what we have so far, without them!

So to Dad R and Dad T (as we like to call them) - we hope you have a wonderful day, and we're excited for you both to be able to use the term Grandpa soon (or Pop Pop, or whatever you decide on!). And to my brother Drew - a Happy Day to you as well! Thanks for making us an Aunt & an Uncle, and can't wait for you to join the club!

Mom & Dad R - almost Grandparents to 3 little ones!

Mom & Dad T - soon to be Grandparents!

Drew & his newest lady :) 

And a special Father's Day shout out to my hubby - the biggest supporter of Team G Shock (I mean heck, he's run all but 1 of our 49 races with me...or at least ahead of me). I am so excited for our little man to meet you and get to have you as his Daddy. It's going to be quite an adventure and there is no one I would rather be on it with than you.

This was our Happy Due Date (40 weeks!) photo on Friday!

**Disclaimer - I wrote this post early (on Friday), and may or may not have had our baby boy by the time this gets posted!

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