Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pump...Me Up!

Dad has also been keeping the Team G Shock spirit alive, and he did it most recently in a really fun event up at the beach. 

The races that we always run up there are part of a series that is run all Summer. The last race is always also a Pump N Run event. In this event, if you choose to do the Pump portion, you are weighed before-hand, and based on your bodyweight, they give you a weight that you have to bench press. For every 4 reps that you get, you get 1:00 taken off your 5k time. You do the Pump portion first, and Dad did it, getting 44 reps! As a sidenote, he had the MOST reps out of everyone that did that portion! With all of those reps, he was able to get 11:00 off of his race time for the Pump N Run results.

The Run is held after the Pump portion, and Dad did great in that as well! He got 5th place in his age group for the Run portion only. With his Pump time taken off, he ended up in 2nd place in his age group for everyone that did the Pump N Run. 

Here are his results:
Pump - Joe Ross - 44 reps (11:00 deduction)
Run - Joe Ross - 31:51
Pump N Run - Joe Ross - 20:51

It sounds like a really fun event, and something Nate & I will have to try and do with him sometime!

We'll be back soon with our next race!

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