Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Request To Help A Friend...

My dear friend Rachel's best friend Katie has been battling Hodgkin Lymphoma for the past year and a half. I had the privilege of meeting Katie before her battle started and was thrilled to see her fight her way through it like we all knew she could. She went into remission last year, but last week was given the awful news that her cancer is back. Katie was able to donate her own stem cells to herself last year, but now is in need of stem cells from donors. Unfortunately, of the 12 million donors in the database, none are a match. We need your help! All it takes is a minute to sign up and then another minute to take a Q-tip to the inside of your cheek. Its free to sign up and you could be saving a persons life.

While Team G Shock is raising money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation, we are hopeful that someday ALL cancers will be gone so that no family has to go through what our family, and Katie's family and everyone else's family has had to go through.

So please, follow this link and become a donor:

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