Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Birthday Wish...

Every year, one of the days that I look the most forward to is my birthday. Of course I love Christmas and the Fourth of July and any day that I can sit on a beach with my feet in the sand. But nothing quite tops my birthday and no matter how old I get, I'm convinced I will love it. So what if it means I'm getting older? It also means that I was lucky enough to experience every little thing that I did in the past year.

And this past year was a doozie. I celebrated a year (now almost 2!) with my wonderful boyfriend. I watched in amazement as my darling niece grew and learned new things every day. I spent lots of quality time with family and friends in lots of fun places. And my family got some hard news - my father has prostate cancer. We took it in, took a deep breath, and all faced it head-on with strength that we probably didn't even know we had - especially my Dad. We started Team G Shock as a way to help ourselves and whoever else we could, and it couldn't happen without the support of people we know and love.

On that note, I have a proposal. This year for my birthday, I want to see how many people we can get to donate to Team G Shock from now until my big day. My birthday is on February 28th, and it happens to be my 28th birthday. For those of you that keep track, that makes it my golden birthday! Obviously that doesn't mean much, but I've been looking forward to it since I was 12 and found out what that meant. :) I want to make a good one, but I need YOUR help! Even if its $5, or $10, or more if you can, it counts! Instead of sending a card (unless you're related to me ;) ), or going to my Facebook page to wish me well, or buying me a drink at the bar, check out our fundraising page and see if you would like to help! And if you've already donated (THANK YOU), help get the word out by telling your friends to check out the blog and see if they want to help!

This team has been one of the most important and satisfying things that I have done in my entire life and I want nothing more for my birthday than for it to succeed. Won't you help me with that wish? T-Minus 28 days and counting until my birthday...let's see what we can do!

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