Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Day

My day started out as any day does. Get up, get ready and leave for work. Well, this morning turned out to be a liiiiittle different. As I was driving to work through, admittedly, not a great neighborhood, something caught my eye. Just a random sign in front of a house, nothing special. But while looking at the sign I saw something else, an older man laying in an odd position on the stoop. My first thought - oh he must be doing work to the house. And as I drove past that thought turned into - well...he kind of looked hurt. That thought made me take a turn around the block for another run past the house. If nothing was wrong, I could keep going with my day. But what if something WAS wrong?

I pulled over and rolled down the window to see if he was ok and immediately he yelled out "I think I broke my ankle." So I pulled over, got my cell phone out and walked over. With a few instructions from the man (who turns out was 80 years-old, bless him) to knock on a few neighbors doors and after much convincing, he let me call an ambulance. And ten minutes or so later, the whole thing was over and he was on his way to the hospital to get help.

I was happy to help, but I'm not telling this story to brag or to get kudos from anyone else. It just made me think a lot about fate and why things happen. What if I hadn't been paying attention or hadn't seen that sign? What if I'd been talking on my phone instead? (sorry, Mom!). But I did see him and thankfully was able to help. Sometimes things just happen that way. My Dad getting diagnosed with prostate cancer was not a good thing at all. But there have been some good things that have come out of it. Team G Shock has been one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. Nate & I have experience so much since we started this team. I could not have imagined how blessed we would be with amazing friends and family helping us out along the way. Just this week, with the launch of My Birthday Wish, we have been blown away by the support. From people we see every week to people we haven't seen in years - its amazing.

Some of the neighbors that came out while we were waiting for the ambulance this morning kept saying to me that "something good was going to happen to me" because I had helped out a stranger. Little did they know that great things have been happening in my life because of all of you for a long time. :) So THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.


  1. sara - you are a truly good person and have my respect.

  2. Agreed -- you have such a big, wonderful heart! I love you!!