Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Team G Shock All Across the U-S of A

That's right. Not only did my Dad get into the Team G Shock action (yet again!), but now Nate's parents have joined in on the fun! Our 18th race was the Great Prostate Cancer Challenge that is run in multiple cities across the United States. One of those cities happens to be Minneapolis, and Mr & Mrs. Towne were nice enough to go out there and support Team G Shock last weekend!

It looks like it was a much colder morning than we had for our race but, after all, it is Minnesota! We were so honored that they participated in the race - that makes our official Great Prostate Cancer Challenge participation total up to 16 people and 1 dog! :)

Here are their official results:

Paul Towne - 51:36
Lori Towne - 51:36

And, since they know how much we love to put pictures up here, they snapped a few for us! We are so glad they did the race and figure now there's a chance we can convince them to run another one with us over Thanksgiving...maybe? :)

Before the race!
Team G Shock loves getting pictures with race "mascots".
(see Event #11)

After the race!

Mr. Towne with the shirt they got!
Longsleeve t-shirt = its colder in Minnesota!

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