Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Event #11 - Tom King Classic 5k

First off, I can not believe that we have run 11 races already for Team G Shock! That is so crazy to me & the time has flown by. Our most recent race was the Tom King Classic 5k in downtown Nashville. Last Saturday morning we headed to L.P. Field (where the Tennessee Titans play!) for the start of the race. It had been raining over night so it was pretty wet out, but luckily most of the race was on pavement and the rain held off while we were out there. It was also pretty cold so we were glad the rain had stopped for a bit.

It was a good-sized race which was nice, and there was a half-marathon that was starting later so there were tons of people at the start. They also had a bagpipe player to start off the race which was fun. The race started and the first mile was pretty much a lap around the football stadium. We then headed out on a road next to the river for about a mile and then turned around to head back to the stadium. Once we got there, we ran in the tunnels and onto the field for a last lap around and across the finish line (which they showed on the jumbotrons!).

We ran a great race and were really proud of ourselves. We have picked up the training and were excited to see how we would improve from our recent races. Here are our official results...

209th place - Nate Towne - 30:49
210th place - Sara Ross - 30:50 (SO close to a new 5k maybe??)

Ever since we signed up for this one we've been trying to figure out exactly WHO IS TOM KING?! And we can't find any info anywhere. Other than the race being named after him, we got nothing. BUT, we got a picture with him, and thats almost as good as figuring out who he is. So here's that and some other photos we took at the race!

me & Nate before the race

we found Tom King! But...who is HE? :)

after the race down at LP Field!

All in all, a very successful race for Team G Shock! And now we're busy preparing for our next race...the Richland Creek Run/Walk. I'll be sure to keep you posted on the training for that & how it goes! Wish us luck!

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