Friday, March 12, 2010

Planning, Planning, Planning!

For my friends, the fact that I'm a planner is pretty much a given. We want to go to Steeplechase, I'll plan it! Someone's birthday is coming up, I'm on it! I just like planning and details and all that fun stuff. And planning races for Team G Shock hasn't been any different. I like to know ahead of time what's going on and what we need to be ready for. Obviously with running thats kind of necessary.

A few weeks ago I printed out a big list of local races and brought them home for Nate to see. We took a look and have started to plan out some Spring races. First up, the Tom King Classic 5k tomorrow morning at LP Field (where the Titans play!). This will be our 11th race - hard to believe! The finish line is at the 50-yard line on the field so that should be fun. Fingers crossed the rain holds off. And if not, well, we'll run it anyways!

We also signed up for the upcoming Richland Creek Run/Walk. We're really excited because this is the first race that is longer than a 5k. The course is 5 miles and is mainly run on the Richland Creek Greenway, which is where we first started training for Team G Shock. It will be nice to train on the actual race course (or on most of it) and to up our mileage a bit. The race is on April 3rd so we've only got a few more weeks to get ready for it - but I know we can do it! And this will help prepare us for some future races that we hope to run at much longer distances!

If you happen to be up bright & early tomorrow morning (7:30am central) send some good luck our way and I'll be sure to post results and photos next week from the race!

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