Friday, March 26, 2010

Update & the next race!

We have been training more and more lately and it feels great. We've been running at different times of the day, on different courses, and for longer distances. All of this to prepare for our next race, the Richland Creek Run/Walk! We are excited, but it will be a bit more of a challenge than our regular 5k's we've been doing. This one is a 5-miler and we're excited to be bumping up our distances! This will hopefully lead to even longer races in the future (who would have EVER though I'd be saying something like that?!).

This weekend we're heading to the mountains of Tennessee for a weekend in a cabin with two of my closest college girl friends and their husbands. It should be a great weekend and we're hoping to get in a good hilly run/hike while we're there! Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

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