Friday, June 3, 2011

Event #24 - Memorial Day Dash & an Update

This past Monday, Nate & I set out to run our 2nd Memorial Day Dash! Just like last year, the race began with all of the runners singing the National Anthem. It is a pretty nice way to start off Memorial Day. We also had Nashville's very own Mayor Karl Dean running with us, which was fun to see.

Nashville apparently decided to skip right over Spring and head into Summer early since it was almost 90 degrees at race start time (8:00AM). The heat was tough but we made it through the race as best we could! Since we had run this race before it was nice to be somewhat familiar with the course. And lucky for us, the cicadas that have recently invaded Nashville were not a nuisance during the race (I'm terrified of them...yes, I know they are just bugs).

Nate had a better race than I did, and I even let him go ahead of me (normally if that happens, I make him stay back with me). :) Here are the official results:

187th place - Nate Towne - 30:04
215th place - Sara Towne (first race with the new name!) - 31:29

The race wrapped up with some boy scouts presenting the colors and playing taps. It really was a nice morning, even with the heat. And unfortunately the race ended away from the cars, because there were a few mascots that we would have loved to get a photo with! Here are some we took anyways...

before the race...after Nate got a cicada in his shirt.

after the race - 24 down, a million to go!

And then I said, "do something funny." Run Nate Run!

Showing off my sweet muscles from Crossfit CFT

And as promised, I also have an update for you. In our last post before the race, I mentioned that we had an extra special reason to run this time around. It breaks my heart to tell you that Mr. Johnny Radford last his battle with cancer on Monday afternoon. He was a wonderful man, and he is missed by so many. A few people from work went down for the visitation and it was incredible to see the number of people that came out to show their respects. Please lift up Rosemary and her mom, Trudy, in your prayers as they go through this difficult time. This is the reason why we started Team G Shock, so that family members would not have to be put through this. And we will continue to run in hopes of finding a cure.

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