Friday, June 29, 2012

Sand, Surf & A Race!

Today we are hitting the road for my absolute favorite place on this Earth - Bethany Beach! :) My family has been going there since I was about 14, and I wouldn't trade this little beach town for anything. Most of the family will be joining us, which always makes for a fun 4th of July. The past few years we have run a race while we've been up there, and this year is no exception!

We'll be running the Firecracker 5k in Bethany on Sunday, and we can't wait! This was the very first race that Team G Shock ever ran almost exactly 3 years ago, so it will be fun to run it again! Nate, myself and my Dad are running it, and I think we've convinced my brother Drew to join us as well. No pressure brudder, but now that I've put it on the internet, you kind of have to. 

I'll have an update and photos once we get back from our trip.


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