Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Up The Hills We Go!

And when I say UP and HILL, I mean it. On Saturday we will run the Dash For Dad (previously known in TN as the Great Prostate Cancer Challenge). This is the 4th time we've run this one (see here, here and here for how we did before). The first 2 times we ran this race, the course was the same. The most recent time we ran it, the course was in the same area but a little different. And this time the race is in a completely different area and comes with many more (and steep) hills. We're excited for the challenge, and can't wait to see how we do!

The race will be a nice way to spend part of Father's Day Weekend as we remember why we started Team G Shock. We'll be thinking of our Dad's, and all of yours (and brothers and uncles and grandpas and friends) while we take to the course on Saturday morning.

Wish us luck!!

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