Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Event #3 - The Great Prostate Cancer Challenge 5k

I don't know about you all, but I had a great Labor Day Weekend! And it all started out with the Great Prostate Cancer Challenge 5k right here in Nashville. I know that I mentioned before that a few friends were going to join us in the race, but it ended up being a few more than we had originally thought! I was SO thrilled to have some very sweet friends out on the race course all for my Dad! The fact that they were willing to get up that early and get out there and run (even though some of them hadn't in a while) was AMAZING to me. 

The race started at 7:30AM in Centennial Park and made a loop out onto the road and then back into the park. We all started together and then kind of staggered once everyone found their pace. I ran the first mile or so with the girls at about 10:40. Then I caught up with Nate and amazingly ran the next mile at a little over 9:20. I am definitely not known for my speed, and am usually just steady if anything, so needless to say I was pretty shocked when they told me I was running past the 2-mile mark at a little over 20:00! Nate & I slowed down a bit during the last mile but sprinted to the finish-line together once again! And it was a lot of fun to be able to cheer on our friends as they finished! So here are the official results for the expanded version of Team G Shock...

96th place - Travis Gordon - 29:53
115th place - Nate Towne - 32:09
116th place - Sara Ross - 32:10
133rd place - Heather Morgan - 34:35
134th place - Megan Kirschbaum (James ;) ) - 34:35
141st place - Malia Axsom - 36:56
142nd place - Ashley Ray - 36:57

I've said it a lot, but I really believe that I have some of the best, most supportive friends that a girl could ask for! It meant the world to me to have them out there for me & my family! And of course..they were gracious enough to let me take a picture post-race since the blog wouldn't be complete without it! ;) So here are a few photos of Team G Shock Nashville...and check back soon for info on Event #4! 

Travis, Nate & me pre-race

Team G Shock - Nashville post-race
(top: me, Nate, Megan, Heather & Malia. bottom: Travis & Ashley)

Nate & me after setting a new PR!!

One of my sweet friends, Ashley Ray. She has her own team for the 
Race For The Cure (Oct 10th). Join her team & help raise money for her mama! Go to her team page A RAY OF HOPE for more info!

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