Friday, September 11, 2009

I remember...

...sitting in Math class at JMU when someone said there was a fire at the Pentagon. Being that most of JMU is from either NY/NJ or DC, no one thought much of it. It's the Pentagon! What could happen? 

I remember going to grab lunch at PC Dukes and seeing it on TV. It was more than a fire, but we still had no idea what was happening. 

I remember crying while trying to order food from the girl behind the counter who was also crying. 

I remember trying to get in touch with my Mom because as far as I knew my dad was still working at the Pentagon. It was so hard to get in touch with her because everyone else was trying to get in touch with someone. 

I remember finally talking to my Mom and finding out that Dad had moved to a new office (out of the Pentagon) on September 10th. 

I remember my Mom saying "the 2nd tower fell!" and me asking "what tower?" because we hadn't found out about the Twin Towers yet. 

I remember being terrified for my friends and family in New York and the DC area. 

I remember sitting in front of the TV all day with friends not saying a word because we were shocked. And then driving my friends to the other side of campus for a vigil that night with the rest of JMU. 

I remember the feeling of helplessness.

I remember the pride of being an American. 

Not only today, but throughout the year, I remember how lucky I am to live in a country like ours. And how proud I am that my Dad served in the military and that I grew up surrounded by military families. So thank you to all of you that serve, thank you to all of you that helped during that awful awful time and thanks to those that have given everything so that the rest of us can live the life that we live. 

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