Thursday, September 3, 2009

Race #3 Here We Coooome!

Our 3rd event is coming up this Saturday, and we're pretty excited! First off all, its the Great Prostate Cancer obvious choice for Team G Shock. It's going to be great to be running alongside so many people working for the same cause that we are. 

Secondly, not only will Team G Shock be represented by myself & Nate..but we'll have reinforcements this time around! I am so thrilled that some of our favorite Nashville friends will be joining us. I have felt SO supported throughout this whole process and it will be an even bigger lift to have my sweet friends running right next to us. Let's give a big hand to the newest Team G Shock members...Travis Gordon, Malia Axsom and Ashley Ray!!! I know that we are all going to do GREAT on Saturday and have fun doing it at the same time! 

So, as always, if you happen to be up around 7:30am (central time) on Saturday morning, send some good vibes our way. Or, if you're in Nashville, come cheer us on at Centennial Park! See you after the race....

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