Thursday, September 24, 2009

Big Day!

Well, folks, today is the day. Today is the LAST day of radiation for my Dad! :) I am so proud of him, and I know he's excited to be done! The staff at the hospital was WONDERFUL and I know he was very thankful for them and for all that they do everyday. So now he will move on to more hormone treatments and of course, more check-ins with the doctor. I will be sure to keep you all posted on how it all continues to go!

We are also excited because race #4 (The Shelby Bottoms Boogie 5k) is this Saturday! A couple of our friends will be joining us, and we're very excited for that! Be sure to send out good vibes not only for me & Nate, but also for Joe Kirschbaum and Jonathan & Elizabeth Insogna! And if you live in Nashville and like to wake up early on Saturdays, come cheer us on at 7:30am at Shelby Bottoms park!

To add a fun twist to this weekend's race, Nate's best friend has sent us a challenge. Walzer (known to some as Matt Walzer) will be donating to Team G Shock, but based on how we perform at Saturday's race. For example, in the last race, we both ran it in 32 minutes and a few seconds. A combined time of about 64 minutes. Walzer has said that for every minute under 70 that our combined times come to, he will donate $10. So he would have donated $60 since we were six minutes under 70 last time. But if we speed it up a bit and both run it in 30 minutes, Walzer will be ponying up $100 to the cause and we'll set a new PR. There's some motivation if I've ever seen it. And, now that its on the internet, he can't back out of it, no matter how fast we finish! :) So cheer loud, and send lots of good thoughts our way..its all in the name of TEAM G SHOCK!!

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