Friday, June 12, 2009

Intro to Team G Shock

Hello & welcome to Team G Shock's blog page. Let's start with what we're doing and why we're doing it. My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer on May 1st. Feeling helpless, I searched the internet for any information I could find. I came upon the Prostate Cancer Foundation. After checking out what I could, I found another amazing organization called Athletes For A Cure. Basically, it was started by some wonderful and self-less people and its sole purpose is to raise money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation in hopes of finding a cure. It allows athletes of all ages and skill levels to participate in races or events and raise money in the process. 

Now, I've played sports and been on all types of teams in my life..I've even run two 10-mile races with my Dad...but I am in no way a "runner." It's been a few years, and I'm gonna need some new shoes, but I figured, why not? If my dad has to go through treatment and whatever else, its the least I can do. So we (we being myself and Nate, my boyfriend, who has been there for me since Day 1 and has agreed to be by my side in whatever I decide to do) came up with a plan! My dad has to endure 2 rounds of hormone treatment followed by 8 weeks of radiation. So we figured..lets do 10 races. Now, as I mentioned before, we are not runners by trade or even habit. So we're starting off with 5K's. It may not be much..but its something. And we may build up to running longer races as we go, but for now we'll start with that and see where we can get! 

You also might be wondering what the heck is G SHOCK? I thought long and hard about a team needed to be something fun..something related to my dad and our family...just something awesome. And out of of my brothers came up with it. It was PERFECT. When I called my parents to tell them my mom was laughing so hard that she was crying and couldn't stop laughing enough to repeat it to my dad. Again, PERFECT. Here's the background..years and years ago my mom purchased a watch for my dad for some occasion or another. It was a Casio G-SHOCK. Basically, made to withstand ANYTHING. For some reason, my dad, my brothers and I thought that "G-SHOCK" was hilarious. And, unfortunately for my mom, teased her about it all day and all night. Nothing in particular, just kept saying "G-SHOCK!" over and over...needless to say she was not that impressed ;) But, over the years, that story has continued to make our family laugh & smile. Plus, the watches are made to withstand anything you throw at them...and my dad is gonna have a lot of stuff thrown at that made it final. We finally found a name! 

I hope you'll continue to follow us on here..I'll be posting everything about our progress and results, and keeping you up with how my dad is doing!


  1. G-Shock and awe...gonna need air but i'm going to try and run, no prepping either, just strap on the shoes and go....this is great sis

  2. GGGGGGG SHHHHOOOCCCCKKKK!!!! I may try to drag my ass out there - depending on whether or not I feel like I can actually finish ahead of WV boy.

  3. and i like how it says "one of my brothers"....and not actually naming the genius behind it or simply saying, my extremely talented, handsome, and creative brother, just to narrow it down...