Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We Did It!

Just wanted to write a quick post about our first official TEAM G SHOCK event! This past Sunday was the first annual Bethany Beach Firecracker 5K (to benefit the 4th of July parade). Around 7:30am, my dad, my mom (the best spectator/photographer ever), Nate & myself made our way to the bandstand to wait for the 8:00am start of the race. The race took a 2 mile loop along the main drag of Bethany and then a smaller 1.1 mile loop to finish up. Now, if you've been keeping up with our progress, you know that Nate & I had only been running about 2 miles. But that was 2 miles of hills in the TN heat and humidity. And this was 3.1 miles, all flat, with an ocean breeze...and most importantly, with my dad. The three of us (my dad, Nate & myself) set off together and stayed that way the entire time. Our first mile was completed in 10:42 (I've never claimed to be fast) and I am proud to say that we kept up that pace for the whole race. We finished strong, picking the pace up for the last 0.1 miles and got our official results last night. Here they are:

113th place - Sara Ross - 33:25
114th place - Nate Towne - 33:25
115th place - Joe Ross - 33:26

Now..these are the "official" results, but we finished hand-in-hand across the finish line. It was an amazing feeling to know that we had committed to the race, and had done better than we had expected (or at least than I had expected). We never stopped to walk or rest and we stayed together the whole time. It was a wonderful kick-off to TEAM G SHOCK and I'm so glad my dad could do it with us.

I'll post some pictures later this week once I get them off of the camera...

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