Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Its The Little Things

It really is. For example, as I mentioned in my last post, on Sunday Nate & I ran the greenway. We ran to the 1 mile mark, walked for a bit, and then ran to the end. Well this time, Nate thought we should see if we could go a little further (and I agreed). Our plan was to run past the 1 mile mark to the bridge, then walk some, and then finish. But instead, we got to the 1 mile mark and felt good. Then got to the bridge and we STILL felt good. And at that point we figured that we were so far along that we might as well just finish. For those of you that are real-life runners, I realize its not much. But considering we just started running again, it was awesome. And it felt amazing that we had made some improvement already! One more run like that this week and then the big (ok, its only a 5K) race on Sunday!

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  1. again, im running on no warm ups or training, this ought to be good...they have defibs right?