Thursday, June 25, 2009

Good People..And Our First Event!

Even though we've just started on this journey that is TEAM G SHOCK, I am amazed at how good people truly are. The people that have sent me messages of support, the people that have been reading this blog, and the people that have donated money to the cause. In just 2 short weeks, we are already a third of the way to our goal. That is amazing to me. The kindness that friends, family and even some people I may not speak to all that often is overwhelming. So to everyone reading this..and everyone who sends up an extra prayer for my Dad...and everyone that sends a nice note...and everyone that has donated..THANK YOU!! You are a huge huge huge inspiration to us and we appreciate it all!

On another note, our first event is this coming Sunday! The entire Ross, and some of the Parson's, clan will be taking to the streets of Bethany Beach for the first ever Bethany Beach Firecracker 5K. Again, I know its not much, but we are excited. And all of the hard work (have you ever run in Tennessee in the summer...ick) will start paying off! This is just the first of MANY (count 'em...10) events, and it should be a great kick-off. Especially since my Dad will be joining us. I've crossed the finish line with him before and I can't wait for this one. It will definitely be extra special.

So if you happen to be up on Monday at 8am (eastern) and remember, send some good thoughts our way! And keep your eyes out for some pictures of TEAM G SHOCK in action!

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