Monday, June 22, 2009

Couples Skate (or Run) Only

Nate & I have never run together. Honestly, last week was the first time I ran in like 3 years, so thats not too hard to believe. But since our first big race is next Sunday, we decided we should do some training. Every Sunday (that we are in town...which isn't much in the Summer), we go for a walk around the greenway in my neighborhood. This week we thought we'd try to run it. And we did! We ran almost the whole thing to total about 2 miles running (wahoo) and then walked the mile or so back to the car through the neighborhood. I've never quite understood why but the greenway doesn't make a complete loop, so the walk or run is always a bit extended.

It was really nice to have someone else there to help motivate me (if he's still running..I can't quit!), and it was great to accomplish that together. Obviously, 2 miles isn't much in the running world, but we were pretty proud of ourselves! We've got two more runs like that planned for this week and then the big race on Sunday. Can't wait!

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