Friday, June 12, 2009

Our First Event!

When we came up with this idea, we thought it might take a while to get our first event going. There are plenty of 5K's and other events around Nashville, but we are literally out of town every other weekend (if not more) through August. Ridiculous!

But my dad called me the other night, and in a few weeks, our ENTIRE family (significant others included) will be heading up to our beach house in Delaware. There happens to be a 5K that weekend to benefit the local July 4th parade. It works out, so myself, my dad and Nate are going to run it (or give it a I said before, its been a while!). And some of the rest of our family might run/walk it too! So keep an eye out for pictures and updates as to how it goes! 


  1. what could be better than running a 5k by the beach?

  2. I could thik of a lot of things...but this is for charity, so nothing