Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Event #34 - East Nashville Tomato 5k

This was the 3rd year in a row that Nate & I have run the Tomato 5k and it just keeps getting better. This is probably one of, if not THE hardest courses we run. There are hills, and then hills, and then more hills. And generally, since this race takes place in August in Tennessee, its very very hot. Well this year we lucked out! It was around 75 degrees at start time - amazing!

A few of our friends from Crossfit CFT were participating in the race this year, and a few more of our CFT friends came to cheer us on. We also ran into some of my co-workers before and after the race, which was fun. Over 1600 runners and walkers took part in the race this year so it was a miracle we saw anyone we knew!

We were excited to see how we would do, since we've been improving our times over the last year. As a reference, last year Nate finished this race at 29:24 and I came in at 31:13. Not our best times anymore, but at the time that was pretty good/average for us.

Here are the official results from this years race:

269th place - Nate Towne - 26:35
431st place - Sara Towne - 28:57

For those of you keeping track, that is a new PR for Nate (wahoo!), and a course PR for both of us! We were so excited, especially since Nate improved his time on this course by 2:49 and I improved my time by 2:16 from only 1 year ago. Not too shabby!

We enjoyed this race more than normal, possibly because our times have improved, and it was fun to see some friends before and after the race!

Before the race

With our fellow Crossfit CFT runners before the start! 
Mike, Nate, me & Erin

Some of my CMT Co-Workers after the race!
Rosemary, Lisa, Brett, Sam & me

Crossfit CFT fans & runners post-race!
Jeremy, Derrick, me, Nate, Mike and Brent

Christal & Barrett and their baby tomato! :) 

After the race. Blue eyes + Sun = squinty

We had some fun walking around the tomato festival after the race - its something to see for sure! If you're ever in Nashville for the festival, be sure to stop by!

The parade!

The parade in action

Having some fun :)

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