Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blue Ties Smiling at Me!

Today was officially Blue Tie Day, and Team G Shock came out in full force! Even Nate, who has not had to wear a tie once to his office, supported the cause (what a good hubs). Below are some pictures of Team G Shock near & far rockin' the blue!

Nate before work

Closest thing I own to a tie...hey, at least I tried! 

Dad R headed off to work! 
(Major points to Mom for texting me this picture before I even woke up - she's not a texter) :)

Geoff in his office in VA 
(he also does not normally wear a tie to work - thanks brudder!)

Drew & our favorite Team G Shock supporter in WV!

Our sister Kesha joined in from Colorado!

Dad T looking spiffy in Minnesota!

My former boss Jeff even got in on the fun! :) Thanks Hefe - miss you!

Big thanks to our friends & family for taking part in Blue Tie Day today! Team G Shock wouldn't be where we are without you all! 

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