Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Event #39 - Snowflake 5k

This past Saturday was our 3rd time running the Snowflake 5k, and race #39 for Team G Shock! For once, it was actually kind of warm for this race, which was pretty nice. When we sign up for a race in December, we don't expect warm weather, but we were pretty happy with 50 degrees at race time! It was a little rainy in the morning, but luckily it held off once the race started.

Over 200 people ran the race, plus a handful of dogs, and a number of people dressed up in costumes. We've run on this course a number of times, and always enjoy it as it is familiar and fairly flat!

We started together, but speed racer Nate took off around the 1-mile mark, and I honestly don't think I could have stayed with him this time around. Not only did he finish ahead of me, but he set a new PR! I tied my second fastest time, and was pretty happy with that. I have some work to do to catch up with Nate, but at least it gives me some extra motivation!

Here are our official times:

76th place - Nate Towne - 26:05 (new PR listed over there ------->)
99th place - Sara Towne - 28:15

There wasn't an official Santa like last year, but there was a not-quite-convincing Santa there taking pictures with people. I'll let you judge for yourselves, but notice the space I left between me & Santa in the picture below....he wasn't fooling me!

We're on the hunt for something special for race #40 (ideas are welcome), but until then, enjoy some pictures from this past weekend!

Before the race

Lined up at the start!

Mr. Nate Towne - owner of a fancy new PR!

Me, "Santa" and Nate.

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