Monday, March 11, 2013

Our Race 40 Supporters!

Before we get to the details of our 40th race, which we can't wait to share, we wanted to take a moment to thank each and every person who joined us for this race - whether that was by actually running with us, or by donating to the cause, or both! We started this campaign exactly 6 weeks ago. In that time, we received 51 donations for a total of $2580 raised for this race alone. That brings our all-time donations to $8445, which is so close to our goal! Without all of the people below, and the rest of our supporters (listed on our Honor Roll), we never could have made it this far. Each and every donation not only helps motivate us on our runs, but also helps get the world one step closer to finding a cure!

So thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for everything you have all done to help us. We are so touched by the support, and will keep going as long as it takes.


Ashley Hall
Travis Frady
Rosemary Radford
Honnah Bakhtiary
John Monson
Samantha Storey
Morgan Green


Judson Aikens
Joe Kirschbaum
Scott & Rachel Bradley
Samantha Storey
Brandy Byrd
Barrett & Christal Sellers
Jeff Nichols
Lauren Greer
LB Ballard
Malia Axsom
Linda Castleman
Paul & Lori Towne
Matt & Kim Walzer (x2!!)
The Townsley / Powers Family
Drew & Sarah Walker
Donna & Joe Ross
Patricia Townsley
Amy Kinslow
Lee & Erica Myers
Meredith Herberg-Waldron
The Ether
Jessica Van Dyke
Matthew & Christy Miller
Shag & Emilie Dishno
Shaunda Wyatt
Lindsay Lapinski
Jennifer Claxton
Evan & Danielle Weatherford
Bryce Taylor & Karla Solis
Kesha Towne
Lisa Rueckert
Andy & Theresa Pincus
Kellen Scott
Jenny Mann
Barney & Kris Harnett
Terri Grohusky
Tracy LaRoy
Ben & Kelli Carver
Brittney Larson
Kristen Ouellette
Morgan Feldman
Tim Green
Goldie Kenney
Karen Green
Travis Frady
Chris Hahn
Jonathan & Elizabeth Insogna

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