Monday, March 25, 2013

Event #40 - Tom King Classic 5k

It has been a couple of weeks since our 40th race, the Tom King Classic 5k. We were completely overwhelmed by the support we received for this race. Not only through all of the donations we were given (over $2500 in the weeks leading up to the race alone), but especially by the people who signed up to run with us.

On the morning of the race, we had 9 total runners, all in Team G Shock shirts! It was a little chilly, but once the race started it warmed up. Nate & I had run this course before, so we knew it was flat and a fairly easy course to run. We all started together, and even got a group photo before the race.

The whole gang before the start. 
Ashely, Morgan, Honnah, me, Nate, Sam, Rosemary, Travis and John.

We all spread out once we got going, but it was great to see our teammates (and new shirts!) along the way. And it was really fun to see some blue shirts up on the jumbotron at the finish line!

Here are everyone's results:

Nate Towne - 142nd place - 26:30
John Monson - 150th place - 26:50
Travis Frady - 174th place - 27:27
Ashley Hall - 183rd place - 27:52
Rosemary Radford - 189th place - 28:04
Sara Towne - 198th place - 28:17
Samantha Storey - 225th place - 29:37
Honnah Bakhtiary - 379th place - 36:40
Morgan Green - 380th place - 29:37

Everyone was pretty happy with their results, and we had a really good time having some teammates out there with us! We're looking forward to running some more races soon, hopefully with some of our new runners! 

As always, enjoy some pictures from race day...and...GOOOO G SHOCK! 

Sam on the jumbotron!

Morgan & Honnah crossing the finish!

Some of us down on the field after the race.

The whole team after the race!

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