Thursday, April 18, 2013

For Boston...

Its been a little bit since we posted, and we have had lots going on since our 40th race. But today I wanted to write a short post to reflect on the events of this past week. When I heard the news of what happened at the marathon, I was in complete shock. I myself have never run a marathon, but having run a number of races, I know the elation and joy that comes from crossing the finish line. When you get to that point (especially in longer races), you feel such relief and happiness because you accomplished a goal. I can not imagine the terror and fear that what happened brought to the runners and spectators that day.

Our thoughts & prayers are with the people of Boston, the United States, and the World that were affected by Monday's events. Justice will prevail, and the marathon will run again, as it always has, on the 3rd Monday of April because that's what we do. We keep going.

To quote President Obama, "..of that I have no doubt. You WILL run again."

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