Sunday, September 29, 2013

T-Minus 3 Weeks!

The Army Ten Miler is officially 3 weeks away and we are well into our training! Most of my family was in Nashville last weekend for a visit, and we got to sneak in a run with Dad (8 miles to be exact, so it wasn't exactly sneaky), which was a nice preview of what is to come on race day.

And this morning, to continue with our training, Nate and I ran 9 miles!! Only 1 mile to go until we are fully ready for the race, and we're feeling really good. It's been nice, and convenient, to be able to train right in our neighborhood and nearby - we literally start and finish in our own driveway.

We also got our bib numbers for the race recently, which is exciting. Apparently the good people at the ATM have a lot of faith in Nate & I since our numbers are much lower than they have been before. But we're excited to pick them up, put them on, and run through the streets of DC with Dad wearing them proudly.

As we get closer and closer to the big race, we're also closer and closer to our goal of $10,000 for the PCF! Any donations help, so if you are able to, we appreciate it!

GOOOO G SHOCK! 10 miles here we come!

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