Sunday, September 1, 2013

ATM Update!

We are officially 7 weeks away from the Army Ten Miler! We had another long run today, and are now past the halfway point. We ran 6 miles this morning, and felt pretty good! The next few weeks will get us up to 10 miles, and a little past that before we start tapering off before the race. We're excited about how our training has been going so far, and are really looking forward to the race.

Until the race, we may run another race, but as of now we don't have one planned before the Army Ten Miler. That will make the race our 43rd race since we started Team G Shock! And in that time, we have raised almost $8500 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. And that leaves us only a bit over $1500 to go until we reach our goal of $10,000! We have only gotten this far because of the support of our friends and family (and some of our friends families), and we are so appreciative of that!

7 weeks to go..10 miles to run! GOOOO G Shock!

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